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ABC 3020-20-50(2) CLEAVER PROP

ABC 3020-20-50(2) CLEAVER PROP Image

ABC Props are made of Bronze and require balancing and polishing.
Cleaver props have pointed blade tips.
The rake is the amount of angle from the hub to trailing edge. More rake will raise the bow and lower rake lifts the transom.

ABC 3020-20-50(2) CLL

3.0" (73.66mm) Diameter x 2.0 Pitch Ratio x 6" (152.4mm) Non Pitch Average /20 Degree Rake / 0.50 Blade Area /Left Rotation / 2 Blades / 0.250 (1/4") Bore

Heat racing prop for 26cc Petrol Hydro/Riggers

Metal propellers require balancing and polishing

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