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Z5792-44901 300PUM CRANKSHAFT

Z5792-44901 300PUM CRANKSHAFT Image

#Z5792-44901 Zenoah +1.0mm Stroker Crankshaft to suit Marine Engines.

Fully assembled Crank halves, Conrod, Crank Pin and Big End Bearing

This part is for modifying your Zenoah engine and requires modifications to the original cylinder on the engines to accommodate the +1mm stroke.
The crankshaft reduces case volume, increasing primary compression and therefore increasing power.
Note - When using on a Zenoah brand motor, no additional parts are required but this will only fit other engines if the top end as well as other modifications are done and also in some cases the addition of Zenoah parts.

You need to know what you are doing.

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