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Tiger King GP27-O REED VALVE Engine

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Tiger King 27cc reed valve rear exhaust engine, after three years of continuous research and development, after 100 hours of continuous testing, Tiger King finally releases their brand new reed valve engine. This engine is a real powerhouse. Reed valve allows the mixture to move in only one direction – from the carburetor to the crankcase. It prevents the mixture from moving back to the carburetor. The effect is reed valve improves reloading of the combustion chamber with fresh air-fuel mixture. This improves power output of a two stroke engine.
Main data:
1. Displacement: 27cc
2. RPM: 20500+ RPM
3, fuel: 92+ Octane gasoline
4. Oil: REPSOL 2T is recommended.
5. Use propellers:
Surface drive TJ1218 - 67/68/69 (3 blade), TJ1113 - 67/68/69 (3 blades)
V version recommended TJ1217(2 blades) - 59/60, TJ1318 - 59/60,, TJ1118 - 59/60
6. Carburetor: WT- 1048 Big Bore Carb
7. Starting mode: electric starter

Recommended Accessories:
TK-S-07-GP Mount Kit
TK-S-09 Manifold Kit
TK-SP004 Tuned Pipe

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