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Z 58250701 G320PUM +2.8mm STROKER KIT

Z 58250701 G320PUM +2.8mm STROKER KIT Image
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Zenoah G320PUM +2.8mm Stroker Crankshaft Assembly to convert your 320PUM to a 350PUM powerhouse.

Genuine Zenoah factory +2.8mm Stroker crankshaft assembly designed for the Zenoah G320PUM engine to increase capacity to 34.9cc.

Includes fully assembled Crankshaft assembly, cylinder gaskets and base plate. Full instructions.

Note: The lower rod of the +2.8mm crankshaft (since it sits 1.8mm lower than the stock rod location) makes it slightly rub on the stock Zenoah G320RC crankcase. Before using this crankshaft, it is essential that you remove a small amount of crankcase material to free up space so the rod does not hit.

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