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TK-CL001 Cowl Locks

TK-CL001 Cowl Locks Image

One of the nicest cowl locks made by Tiger King. No glue or difficult devices to hold the rotating part of the lock. just a simple bolt. The most convenient, easy and FAST way to hold down your hatch! Unlike other less effective methods of holding your cowls down, our 1/4 turn completely machined aluminum Cowl Locks offer the BEST way. To secure your hatch simply push down and 1/4 turn the no slip, LARGE knurled button and your hatch is held down tightly and securely. No more fumbling around when your "on the clock" and need to get it in the water! No time consuming screws, no unsecured magnets, no unreliable rubber bands...Just an EZ Lock! Sold Singly.
Length: 40mm

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