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GRP6374 250 Motor

GRP6374 250 Motor Image

Product information

Brushed electric motor Graupner SPEED 250 7.2 V

Electric motor SPEED 250 7.2 V is designed for micro model airplanes, ships and cars.
Nominal voltage: 7.2 V
Operating voltage range: 3.6 - 8.4 V
No-load speed: 15000 min-1
Running Lignt Current: 0.18 A
Current drain at max. efficiency: 0.7 A
Current drain at during braking: 3 A
Efficiency: 50%
Possible rotation of engine: R, L
Case length: 25 mm
Diameter: 15.5/20.5 mm
Free shaft length: 8.5 mm
Shaft diameter at outlet: 2.0 mm
Weight: 22 g

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