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OCTURA M435/3 Prop

OCTURA M435/3 Prop Image

Octura Beryllium Copper Propeller
SPECS: 35mm(1.38") x 1.4 = 1.932" for a 1/8" Shaft - 3 Blade
This is the HOT new METAL prop for the 1/12 Scale Miss Bud Hydro! Technically manufactured from Beryllium Copper, this is a smooth 1/8" diameter bore, threadless type that lock into a drive dog and held in place with a lock nut. SPECS: 35mm(1.38") x 1.4 = 1.932". The Octura M435, 3 Blade Metal Prop is a high performance "lifting" type prop, fits any 1/8" (.125") output shaft. The 2 blade Octura Y535 is a good alternate choice. NOTE: This prop may have the same overall pitch as your stock prop but, a metal prop is much stiffer at high RPM and provides the boat more crisp & consistent operation. Additional props may be purchased individually in slightly different diameters or pitches to further fine tune your model boat.

Metal propellers require balancing and polishing

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