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Mtroniks Genesis Compact 20 Brushless ESC MT G20E

Mtroniks Genesis Compact 20 Brushless ESC MT G20E Image

The Genesis Compact 20 is a 20Amp Brushless Speed Control designed specifically for use in scale RC aircraft.

It has a 20 Amp maximum current limit and forwards & brake functions which makes it ideal for use in large park flyers or aerobatic models.

The Genesis Compact 20 is the second in a range of three Compact speed controls, it's 20Amp current limit protects it from failure due to a damaged or worn motor and also protects itself if used with a motor beyond its means! It also supports the use of up to 4 LiPo cells (selectable in set up) or any number of NiCad/NiMH cells up to the speed controllers stated voltage limit.

The Genesis Compact 20 Brushless speed control has been designed to fit straight into any RC model aircraft with ease. The set up offers the user an array of programmable features from battery type and cut off to prop acceleration rates!

The Genesis Compact Brushless Speed Controls designed for use in RC aircraft are all sealed in shrinkwrap to keep the weight down and come fitted with a Tamiya style battery connector and bullet connectors for connection to the motor!

The Genesis Compact range benefits from 5 years worth of research and design work carried out by the Mtroniks design team with help from a few well known RC aviators and product reveiwers from International RC aircraft magazines.

What this has resulted in is a Sensorless Brushless Speed Control that works and feels just the same as a Brushed Speed Control, giving you absolute control over the throttle with very smooth acceleration and the added bonus of longer run times when compared to Brushed Speed Control equivalents!

• 20Amp motor limit
• Smooth controlable acceleration
• A 'return to base' software upgrade facility
• 7.2 - 16.0V input voltageÂ
• Automatic sensing of number of cells when using NiCAD or NiMH batteries
• Current limit cut-off
• 3A Hyper BEC
• 3 Internal Schottky diodes
• Auto cut-off computer
• Dimensions:-40mmx30mmx5mm
• Weight:-35g

The Genesis Compact 20 speed control is capable of an average discharge rate of 17A and a peak discharge rate of 20A making it a very capable & attractive option at such a low price!

The 'return to base' software upgrade enables the user to return their ESC to us to have the onboard software upgraded to the latest spec ensuring your ESC is never superceded!!

(Software upgrade notices will be posted in the news section on www.mtroniks.net when made available).

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