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Mtroniks G2 Hydra30

Mtroniks G2 Hydra30 Image

The Genesis Hydra G2 combo is a Forwards and Reverse Brushless Speed Control complete with outrunner motor designed specifically for use in scale RC boats. It is aimed at entry level for people new to Brushless Speed Control.

The Genesis Hydra G2has a 30Amp Brushless motor limit, this is a rough equivalent to a standard, stock 540 can Brushed motor.
It has been designed to fit straight into any RC model boat as a direct replacement for your Brushed speed controller. The set up is a no nonsense, one-step procedure making it very easy to get up and running within minutes! The Genesis Brushless Speed Controls designed for use in RC boats are all 100% waterproof giving you that extra peace of mind should the worst happen and you have to retreive your model from the graveyard under the pond!!

This is a Sensorless Brushless Speed Control that works and feels just the same as a Brushed Speed Control, giving you absolute control over the throttle with very smooth acceleration and the added bonus of longer run times when compared to Brushed Speed Control equivalents!

The outrunner motor is 480 can size, 1300KV which equates to 1300 revs per volt (of your battery pack) for example, 15600rpm when run on a 12V battery.


Easy one-step set up
Smooth controlable acceleration
5 to 10 cells NiCAD or NiMH
2-3 cells Lipo
6-12V Lead Acid
Automatic sensing of number and type of cells
Current limit cut-off
3A Hyper BEC
3 Internal Schottky diodes
Auto cut-off computer
100% Waterproof
The Genesis Hydra G2 speed control is capable of an average discharge rate of 25A and a peak discharge rate of 30A making it a very capable & attractive option at such a low price! Ideal for your first steps into the world of Brushless marine modelling!

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