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K&S1151 5/16 " BRASS TUBE

K&S1151 5/16 " BRASS TUBE Image

#1151 5/16 " Brass stuffing tube

Brass Tube can be cut to desired length easily with #296 Tube Cutter or similar tool
Brass Tube can be bent to a desired shape. Heat slightly and then let cool. Best to do this with either the flexicable inserted into tube or with # #321 Tube Bender


Diameter: 5/16" x Wall: .014" x Length: 36"
Diameter: 7.94mm x Wall: .355mm x Length: 914.4mm

Stuffing tube for 1/4" Flexicable if using brass liner #1150
Stuffing tube for 3/16" Flexicable if using a teflon liner

Round Brass Tubes are sold as a single item

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